Week 4 Blog

The actors I plan on discussing this week are Will Smith, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I would classify these three gentleman as follows:
Will Smith: Character
Brad Pitt: Character
Leonardo DiCaprio: Personality

Starting with Will Smith the movie “The pursuit of happiness” Is based on a true story about a man known as Christopher Gardner. Christopher Gardner has invested basically everything in a device known as a “Bone Density scanner” (Bone Density scanner: is a scanner used to measure bone density with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry). He feels like he has made these devices. However, they do not sell or compare to what’s to the current technology at a much higher price. As he tries to figure out how to sell them, he ends up losing his wife, his house, his bank account, and credit cards and forced to live out in the streets with his son, he ends up as desperate as could be to find a steady job; and ends up taking on a job as a stockbroker, but before he can receive pay, he needs to go through 6 months of training, and to sell his devices, though life.

The character of Brad Pitt in the movie “Troy” which is one of my favorite movies to watch. “It is the year 1250 B.C. during the late Bronze age. Two emerging nations begin to clash after Paris, the Trojan prince, convinces Helen, Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband, Menelaus, and sail with him back to Troy. After Menelaus finds out that his wife was taken by the Trojans, he asks his brother Agamemnon to help him get her back. Agamemnon sees this as an opportunity for power. So they set off with 1,000 ships holding 50,000 Greeks to Troy. With the help of Achilles, the Greeks are able to fight the never before defeated Trojans. But they come to a stop by Hector, Prince of Troy. The whole movie shows their battle struggles and the foreshadowing of fate in this remake by Wolfgang Petersen of Homer’s “The Iliad.”” (imdb)

Last but not least, Leonardo DiCaprio. I will like to discuss his personality in the movie blood diamonds. Danny Archer is without question hard and cynical. He cares not really for anything but himself and his needs of the moment with a bit of greed. But In the end of his life he comes to the realization and understand that he’s lacked for years and there is more than endless African Nihilism.


Troy. (n.d.). Retrieved August 4, 2015.


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